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TopFix Energy Engineering is a highly motivated, experienced, and competitive oil & gas drilling contracting and Offshore/onshore equipment sales company based in United kingdom.
Our company provides land contract drilling services, Machinery sales for independent and major oil and gas exploration companies.
The company endeavors to deliver well cost savings to its customers through ongoing improvements and leadership in drilling efficiency and safety.
We are committed to delivering consistent and dependable results for each of our clients, while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of everyone affected by our operations.

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Safety is our #1 Priority
Our number one value at TopFix Energy Engineers is the safety of our employees, subcontractors, owners and the general public. Safety coincides with production and quality, which is an integral part of our business. Our staff, from laborers to management, actively participates in safety training and our industry’s best practices.

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Need to purchase or rent an equipment?

  • STARR 9-7/8″ Hydraulic Power Tong

    Rated Torque of 40,000 or 60,000 ft-lb for Everyday Use.

    Wrist-Saver Door Latch Design Rated Operating Pressure of 2,500 psi Overnight Delivery Available for Parts Quality, Serviceable Components

  • Varco® Style FMS 375

    Flush Mounted Spider – FMS375

    The FMS 375 is mounted flush with the rig floor, allowing the casing connection height to be lowered 1 meter (3 feet), thus eliminating the need for scaffolding. The rig crew also has more room to work by removing the spider body from the top of the rig floor. The units are designed to fit into 37-1/2″ and 49-1/2″ (FMS 375) rotary tables.

  • 350 Ton Elevator Spider

    250 and 350 ton elevator/ spider

    The purpose of the 250 and 350 ton elevator/ spider is to grip and lift API sized pipe vertically. It shall be configured either as an elevator hoisted by industry standard links or as a spider mounted on the rig floor or rotary table. As a spider, the unit is dressed with a top guide to aid centering the tubular string and adapter plate used to secure the tool onto a rotary table. As an elevator, the unit uses a bell guide, bottom and door guide.

  • McCoy KT13625 Casing Power Tong

    13-5/8″ • 25K Hydraulic Power Tong

    The KT13625 casing tong can handle tubulars as small as 3-1/2″ and as large as 13-5/8″ in diameter. Wraparound jaw and die technology for the two tong jaws is available. Tong can be mounted on either a CLINCHER® or a FARR hydraulic backup.
    Available with McCoy’s patented WinCatt® data acquisition and torque control system for the make-up of tubular connections.

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Working in the Scottish Parliament Region

Our headquarters are located in United kingdom.. We look forward to servicing the United States, the I-70 corridor and beyond while maintaining great working relationships with our clients, sub-contractors and the surrounding communities. Have a project in our service area? Get in touch with us today to get started!