Safety is the most important value here at TopFix Energy Engineers, Inc. Our mantra, goal or everyday thought is “Everyone goes home”. The exact same way they came to work. TopFix Energy Engineers strives to give our employees the tools and training necessary to make this happen.
Our specialized construction services requires our employees to work in critical environments, with very heavy machinery, in one of the most heavily regulated and scrutinized industries in Australia.. Large moving objects, deadly/ explosive gasses and chemicals, inclement weather, inclined terrain, pressurized systems, deadly animals, physical exertion, and mechanical failure are just some of the risk elements our employees are around on a daily basis.
TopFix Energy Engineers, Inc. mitigates these risk elements by a number of safety training protocols:

  • Jobsite Safety Assessment – All of our crews participate in daily Jobsite Safety Assessments or JSAs. These short job talks amongst the Jobsite foreman, operator inspectors, 3rd parties and general trade employees cover daily risk elements they could be seeing for each particular day.
  • Company Wide Safety Meetings – The daily JSAs emphasize training tasks that are covered during our monthly, company-wide safety meetings which all employees are required to attend.
  • Pusher Program – TopFix Energy Engineers also has, what we call the “Pusher Program”. TopFix Energy Engineers’s “Pushers” are our most experienced trade hands. They do a little bit of everything and are the driving force behind any project. They have seen and experienced every aspect of oil & gas construction. The Pusher Program is designed as a tool that brings together these employees monthly to sit down with our safety manager and discuss a variety of tasks/topics and risk elements they see in the field. They are also provided with a list of “green hats” to act as mentors to in the field.
  • Task Oriented Training – TopFix Energy Engineers is dedicated to providing educational training to our growing list of employees. With classroom orientation and task specific field training, we are committed to growing our employee skillsets and providing them the knowhow to complete the job safely and effectively each and every day.
  • DOT Task Specific Covered tasks– Some of our work requires Operator Qualification for any DOT projects. We have Veriforce Evaluators on staff. Our OQ evaluators can independently qualify our employees on a variety of DOT covered tasks.
  • TopFix Energy Engineers, Inc participates in a variety of industry safety analysis organizations including, (ISNet World, Mcl&Hpremier, Rig up, Browze and Veriforce).