About TopFix Energy Engineers

TopFix Energy Engineers is an international oil, gas, and mining consulting firm consisting of professional geologists, engineers, economists, and appraisers. We have been in operation since 2001. For several years, TopFix Energy Engineers has supported the oil, gas, and mining needs of our clients by ensuring technical competency and reducing investment risk. We privately discover Oil wells and Natural gas deposits, and sell such spot locations to Petroleum Exploration and Petrochemical companies. Mutually agreed contracts can also be signed with companies that require our partnership.

TopFix Energy Engineering is a highly motivated, experienced, and competitive oil & gas drilling contracting and Offshore/onshore equipment sales company based in United Kingdom.

We have a broad range of geological experience, knowledge and expertise. We can run projects from early stage exploration through to development, operations, project close-out and sustainable environmental remediation. TopFix Energy Engineers's team comprises geological consultants, project and logistic managers, data management professionals, contract geologists and savvy technical personnel with experience spanning the mining cycle.

Our geological services include exploration and assessment of energy and mineral commodities. Accurate geological assessments are critical to successful resource development. The resulting strategies meet our clients’ needs with scientifically sound analyses from an impartial perspective.

Our geologists employ leading-edge technology such as three-dimensional geological modeling, mine planning, and reservoir engineering software to manage and analyze the collected data for maximum utilization and value. They are also experts at planning, managing, and executing the required drilling and site data collection programs to meet our client’s objectives. TopFix Energy Engineers's combination of experience, technology and best practices result in accurate and reliable resource assessments that can advance your project from initial financing through to final development.

The TopFix Energy Engineers name is highly respected as an international mining consultant for its mining acumen, quality reporting, and ethical conduct. As premier mining consultants, our technical reports fulfill the reporting standards of major financial institutions and government agencies. TopFix Energy Engineers balances the objective of meeting our client needs with realistic and independent reporting. Our senior staff provide unparalleled expert services in complex projects and in litigation disputes. As expert witnesses we provide professional opinions in an understandable and pragmatic manner.

TopFix Energy Engineers is a recognized leader in Oil and Gas Exploration, as well as industrial minerals (frac and other sand industries). However, our experiences and capabilities exceed to all minerals, base and precious metals, valuations, etc.

  • Safety
    Our number one value at TopFix Energy Engineers is the safety of our employees, subcontractors, owners and the general public.
  • Reliability
    We strive to deliver trustworthy and consistently reliable service. Not only can you count on our expertise, but our quality products, as well.
  • Commitment
    We are committed to you. Our service involves supporting our clients from the beginning of a project, and following through to the end.
  • Integrity
    We value honesty and strive to maintain a trustworthy business standard. At TopFix Energy Engineers, what you see is what you get.
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